Bands and Artists that have come through our doors include:

A Band Apart , Adam Carpenter, Adele Gabriel, Age Of Anarchy, All Our Glory, Arms Like Legs, Buffalo Summer, Beautiful Strangers, Burn The Hive, D'Heco, Dead Woods, Dream State, E11ven, Evilive, Evyltyde, Fake Brothers, Fall Of Cronus, Fallen Temples, Fear Death Xperience, Fonz & The Poet, Heavy On The Ride, Into The Depths, Jango Haze, Just Keep Swimming, Kilvey, Lethargy, Los Devitos, Madicide, Malum Sky, Mellow Method, The MLC, My-Ra Superstar, Natalie Marie, Nightowls, Nova, Polar Nights, Pretend Poets, Red One, Reece, Rough Cut, Sebastian, Serpentine, Scotty, Soundstorm, The Starling Radicals, Stars & Flights, Static Fires, Storm The Walls, Terrorbite, Texas Flood, The Unit, Tidal, Terrorbite, Tom Morgan, Truth Seeking Conspiracy, Tusk, Upon The Empire, Viva La Burn, Witness To The Reform, Zak Rowland