Beautiful Strangers

We couldn’t have picked a better place to record our album. Andy and Phil are top guys and more than that they really get the best out of you and they work solid to get the right sound for you.. Great atmosphere to work in, great studio and we hope to come back in the future. Just don’t let Andy doodle too much with any spare pens or paper!

Buffalo Summer

It was a pleasure to record at the Boneyard.

Phil & Andy are dedicated and highly pro individuals, who go above and beyond the call of duty to get you get great sounds, with high quality equipment, all in an awesome working environment.


We didn’t really know what to expect when we visited the Boneyard back in 2011, being our first time in a studio. We were welcomed with both professionalism and friendliness. The end product was astounding and we could not have asked for more involvement and aid during the recording process. We will definitely be using these guys again.

Rough Cut

A great studio, the guys that run this place maximise any artist’s talent, a fantastic studio environment with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Phil and Andy are more than just outstanding sound engineers, they also are quality producers they can advise you in any capacity.

The record we did with them sounds amazing, more than that we even landed a record deal based on the sound these guys had created with us! Any artist / band at any level going into to the Boneyard will have guaranteed, top quality music come out at the end.

All the in-house gear is great and adds that extra touch you look for when making a record. The guys have a quality attitude and are easy to get along with, making the whole experience relaxing and fun, which is what you should look for as musicians. We’ve never had such an amazing recording experience as we did with Phil and Andy. We will definitely come back when we make our album.

The Texas Flood

We have visited the Boneyard Studio twice now and each time have been more than pleased with every aspect of our recording experience. Both Andy and Phil are extremely helpful and insightful, striving to create the best product possible.


Our time at the Boneyard was, without doubt, one of our greatest experiences as a band.

Not only did Andy and Phil engineer our debut album “What Will Remain…”, they also produced it, offering friendly advice in a professional manner and above all else, kept it fun. Anything these boys don’t know isn’t even worth knowing.

The Boneyard studio and these two guys have a lot to offer as a package and we couldn’t speak any more highly of them. P.s if you don’t drink tea, you will by the time you leave. Their tea is beastly.

Big respect x